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  • Rates :
    For one account SpamEnMoins:
    30 days
    1 YEAR
    24.90 euros incl. VAT/YEAR
    (approx. 2 euros/month )
    If you're happy after the free trial,
    the minimum duration of a subscription is 1 year.

    Your subscription will never be automatically renewed upon expiration.
    ( Shortly before its expiration, we will send you a kind reminder email with an invitation to renew your subscription. )
    Do I need several accounts for several email addresses?
    • If your email addresses are « aliases » (or « redirects ») , you only need a subscription for your main mailbox (the one where the emails arrive). There's no need to register the other email addresses (aliases or redirects) as well.
      => A single subscription is enough!

      Example: You have 2 email addresses: and If all emails sent to are automatically redirected to, you only need to register your main address on (as is nothing more than an alias)

    • If your email addresses are independent email addresses / mailboxes , however, we recommend you to do the following in order to enjoy a discount rate when registering 3 accounts in a single go:

      - Register your first email address at SpamEnMoins to create your first account.
      - Then sign in to your account on and go « Other accounts SpamEnMoins »
      - Now register the other email addresses (this will allow you to create an account for each and every email address/mailbox you have)
      - Finally, go to « Subscribe » to settle the different accounts in a single payment and to enjoy one of the following discounts:

      1 to 2 accounts, the price per account will be: 24.90 euros incl. VAT/year ( 20.75 euros excl. VAT/year)
      3 to 10 accounts, the price per account will be (-10%): 22.42 euros incl. VAT/year ( 18.68 euros excl. VAT/year)
      11 to 39 accounts, the price per account will be (-20%): 19.92 euros incl. VAT/year ( 16.60 euros excl. VAT/year)
      For 40 accounts and more, the price per account will be (-35%): 16.14 euros incl. VAT/year ( 13.45 euros excl. VAT/year)
      We'd like to give you the opportunity to discover all the opportunities SpamEnMoins has to offer and therefore kindly invite you for a FREE trial:
    FREE trial
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